How to be proactive

1. What is being proactive
2. Proactive choices vs. reactive choices
3. Put proactive language in your head

How to set priority

1. Time management
2. The comfort zone

Social etiquette

1. How to mingle like a pro to make a personal impression every time
2. The art of introductions to maximize your sphere of influence
3. How to win a positive impression at a university interview
4. Techno-etiquette on campus and on the road
5. Self presentation for meetings

Listening skill

1. How to listen
2. How to speak well so others can listen more easily

Personal grooming

1. Focus on hygiene
2. How to dress well with limited budget
3. Different categories of dress code

What is win-win?

1. What is win-win vs. win-lose?
2. Are there such a thing as a lose-lose?
3. Examples of win-win

Team work

1. Different between a team vs. a group
2. Team dynamics
3. Leaders and followers
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