Help students prepare for university interviews Help students prepare for university interviews

Youth Program

A consortium of world's most experienced soft skill trainers

Using global IITTI open standard

Do you know what most western universities are looking for?

Many times, it is no longer the academic scores that are the deciding factor. Sure, SAT or TOEFL are important, but it is something more they are looking for.

You may be surprised to know that many universities are quietly or not-so-quietly asking for an interview!

How do you help your high school students for this?

Even more importantly, how do you help them for a new life in post-secondary?

Not only do they need interviewing skills, but general life skills.

You don't have the experience you say? No worries! We have assembled exactly such a team of global trainers to help schools in delivering a fun-filled youth program.

Not only do our trainers have years of experiences, but all the training also conforms to the global IITTI ("ET") open standard.

So not only will your students be laughing and learning, but they also have the chance to sit for the IITTI "Youth" certificate exam.

Why IITTI? It is the world standard in soft skill certification.

Imagine your students can stand out showing universities this standardized certification, and, what's more, showing the IITTI 'open interview' video to top it off!

What's the major benefit, again?

Groom students with much-needed soft skills