Blended learning, best of both worlds!

Classroom seminars lead to IITTI Level 1,2,3 certification. (50 'World Civility Index' points each level)
Cellphone learning leads to IITTI Cellphone Learning certification. (1 'World Civility Index' point each lesson)

What is World Civility Index?


Sample Content (IITTI Level 1 Certification)

Professional Appearance

1. Introduction to why personal appearance is important
2. Categories of professional attire
3. Colour perception
4. Print and patterns
5. Image Makers men
6. Image Makers women
7. Image Breakers men
8. Image Breakers women

Business Behaviour

1. Networking
2. Business cards
3. Nametags
4. Conversation
5. Introducing yourself
6. Handshakes
7. Making introductions
8. Office etiquette
9. Meeting etiquette
10. Telephone/ email / social media/ text
11. Body language

Dining Etiquette for Business

1. Seating arrangements for business dining
2. Host duties
3. Guest duties
4. Place settings
5. European vs American Dining styles
6. Napkins
7. Cutlery
8. Wine
9. Table manners
10. Tricky foods
Note: This is a partial list of content and is designed to exceed the requirements for the global IITTI Level 1 exam certification.