Company culture trumps strategy Photo courtesy of Financial Times

Company culture trumps strategy

A consortium of world's most experienced soft skill trainers

Using global IITTI open standard

Some of the most valuable companies in the world get there not because they have any superior technologies or marketing tactics, but because they have great company culture. And if you think about it, company culture is really your brand.

So how much would you invest to have a top-notch corporate soft skill trainer to help build your company culture?

Better yet, how about having a team of such trainers?!

Too expensive?

You're in luck because we have assembled exactly such a team of world-renowned trainers from around the globe to deliver to all your branch offices a mix of face-to-face instructions and online learning.

Yes, some parts can be done online, and at your employees' own time.

Not only do these trainers have years with company employees such as Microsoft, Boeing, or Great West Life, but all your training also conforms to the global IITTI ("ET") open standard.

Along this journey, not only are your employees one step further in building your culture (your brand), but they also have the chance to sit for the IITTI certificate exam.

Why IITTI? It is the world standard in soft skill certification. Imagine one day you can say this about your company,

"25% of our staff are IITTI-certified"

What's the major benefit, again?

A chance to build your brand by building company culture