Help your customers to be better citizens of the world! Sometimes they just don't know

Citizens of the World (for tourists)

A consortium of world's most experienced soft skill trainers

Using global IITTI open standard

Do you have customers whose culture and background that are drastically different from your employees? A culture clash?

Many times, your customers just don't know. So why not set up a training program to help them?!

You may be surprised to gain more customers as they are more confident to use your services! And you enhance your company's image along the way.

Think of it as a value-added service!

You have many customers from around the world at all your branch offices?

You're in luck because we have assembled exactly such a team of world-renowned trainers from around the globe to deliver a fun-filled cultural program.

Not only do our trainers have years of experiences in training diverse cultural groups, but all the training also conforms to the global IITTI ("ET") open standard.

So not only will your customers be laughing and learning, but they also have the chance to sit for the IITTI "Citizens of the World" certificate exam.

Why IITTI? It is the world standard in soft skill certification. Imagine one day you can even build loyalty by offering something like:

"5% off for customers with IITTI certificate"

What's the major benefit, again?

Give your customers the confidence to use your service